ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 8GB ROG STRIX OC Edition Graphic Card Reviews

The ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 is one of Asus’s flagship products. It is a very good quality graphics card owing to its unique set of features such as RGB lighting and its unique set of HDMI ports. Another notable feature of this gaming graphics card is its VR readiness making it a very future proof technology overall.


  • This graphics card has great performance.
  • This graphics card does not consume much power so it is very efficient.
  • This graphics card operates very silently.
  • The overclock feature of this graphics card is easy.
  • It is very economical.
  • The cooling features of this gaming graphics card are


  • The disadvantage of this graphics card is it has only a single connector for the power that means it can be attached to one system or device at a time.
  • The LED software in the graphics card is basic.

Bottom Line

The ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 graphic card is undoubtedly a tremendous choice at such a reasonable price. These graphics cards have attained all the qualities which are anticipated from a good graphics card. It is a powerful graphics card which is compatible with the gaming computers and provides an adventurous gaming experience to the users.

Auto-Extreme Technology

The entire range of the ASUS graphic cards is manufactured with a special technology, which is known as the auto Xtreme Technology. This technology is a basic technique which is exclusively built by the ASUS industry for the graphics cards. This technology is 100% computerized and so it has the automated production process. This technique helps in the process which embodies and integrate the most excellent and superior materials in order to create a state of the art paradigm for the eminence of the products. This is a spectacular technology which the help of which the consistency and the eminence of the graphics cards can be assured. This plays a vital role in the enhancement of the performance and working of the graphics cards.

Complete Gameplay

This ASUS graphics card is a brilliant option for the gamers and to those who want to experience the greatness of games. Along with several basic and advanced features. This graphics card can be attached to a system and it can make a great combination of the most amazing, ultra- smooth gaming. The improvised and advanced gaming monitor that is the ROG swift can be easily synchronized with this graphics card of ASUS. This creates a great combination and bestows ultimate performance to the user and the gamers. With the help of this graphics card, the viewer can get the most amazing images, videos, and scenic experience. The gaming experience with the ASUS graphics card is just beyond words. The gameplay is smooth, and the gamer can have a stunning visual experience.

Instant Streaming

This ASUS graphics card gives a great experience for the gaming and a gamer can buy this graphics card for having one of the best gaming experience. The ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card has a great advantage for the streaming of the games. Nobody wants to wait for the long processing and long times when they want to play. When a gamer is all set to play a game, what frustrates him is the slow streaming of the game. In such case, the gamer wants to have a great graphics card which can bestow good speed along with fast streaming. The ASUS 1070 has the technique which does not makes you wait and it starts the streaming instantly, as soon as the game is loaded or started by the gamer.

Performance and Efficiency

This ASUS graphics card has undoubtedly a great performance which is one of the reason, it is in the top 2 of the whole list of the graphics cards. The performance of a graphics card plays a very vital role in the working, loading and running of the whole game. If the performance is good, then everything else does not matter much. With the amazing performance, this graphics card is a saver. It is totally energy efficient and it does not consume much power. What a great combination of the cost and efficiency. It is affordable and saves power which equals money. Another performance benefit of this graphics card is that it is very good in the cooling process and its temperature is always maintained.

The Top 10 List Guide

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This graphics card is affordable, power-saving and has a great performance. With these amazing features, it is a must buy. The gamers who are seeking for the efficient and most performing graphics card can stop these search, as the ASUS GTX 1070 is the answer to their questions.

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